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5500G XRN stack do not pass detection.

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5500G XRN stack do not pass detection.


Recently meet the following problem.

Trying to connect two 3Com 5500G 24 port switches into an XRN stack.

Both of them runs

Connected with PN#17262 cable in a crossed way.

Both of them have cascade ports enabled with fabric-port command.


"display ftm info" command reports connection error.


FTM State       : HB STATE

Unit ID         : 1 (FTM-Master)

Fabric Auth     : NONE

Left Port       : Isolated (connection error)

Right Port      : Isolated (connection error)

Advertise       : Send = 0, Receive = 0

Advertise ACK   : Send = 0, Receive = 0

Heart Beat      : Send = 0, Receive = 0

Left Check      : Send = 119, Receive = 0

Right Check     : Send = 100, Receive = 0

Auto update     : Send = 0, Receive = 0

Left Port       : Index = 7, IsEdge = 0

Right Port      : Index = 5, IsEdge = 0

Units Num Left  : 1

Units Num Right : 1

Units Num Backup: 1


Any hints are a wellcomed.


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Re: 5500G XRN stack do not pass detection.

Hi. The 5500G switches don't need to be configured when using the XRN stacking cables connected to the cascade ports. It's almost a plug and play feature...I think that maybe you are missing some detail like the sysnames of the switches (it must be the same), the file system directory that needs to be exactly the same, with the same system versions running, or even a cable connected to the wrong ports: remember that the interfaces must be connected using the same colors - yellow connects to a yellow interface, and blue connects to the blue interface.

Perform a double check in the settings, or return it to the defaults. Then look to the file system of both switches using the command dir. After syncgronization has finished, issue the command display xrn.


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Re: 5500G XRN stack do not pass detection.


Thank you for an answer.

Of cource we double checked al the terms writed in manual.

Then post here. Then open a ticket.

3Com support advised to save current config, then initialize both

switches to factory default,cause(!)

"config files also must be syncronized for swithes to form a stack"

and then restore saved config onto a stack.

Unofortunately we have not find it in manual.

Also it meens rebooting working switch that was undesirable.

However hint was got, and after copyng config file from working

switch to tftp, editing port configuration section, and placing it

to the new switch it have got into a stack after rebooting.

Now i think the first step i had to to do was

"fabric member-auto-update software enable" command

on both switches, then quickly save config on candidate switch

before it reboot

but as it mentioned as otional i had not do it.

best regards