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5500G <=> 4800G

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5500G <=> 4800G


currently we are looking for some new stackable switches. With 3COM, 5500G and 4800G series seems fine.

I still have some questions, which aren´t answered on the product page, so it would be great if you could answer some of them, if possible.

The 5500G-EI has EI in its name, i.e. Enhanced Image. Comparing the features and supported protocols between both series, it seems that the 4800G has some extended features (e.g. IPv6) compared to the 5500G

So, what does this "Enhanced Image" mean? On 5500G product page, the "Software Upgrades Service" is mentioned, This is missing on the 4800G page. So, does this mean, that there will be more software updates and upgrades in the future for the 5500G? Will there be longer software support for the 5500G?

Another topic is XRN, 3COMs stacking technology. Looking at the 5500G, an "Extended Stacking Cable" is mentioned. This is again missing on the 4800G page, nor is there any option to buy for it. So, how is stacking done with the 4800G series? Is there also a special module or cable?

I prefer the 4800G, well it seems to be the latest product, but I can´t find an product review. Does anyone know one?

thanks in advance


Re: 5500G <=> 4800G

Well first of all 3Com uses only one version of firmware for all non-chassis switches.

5500G is at market for a several years and it's using Comware version 3 (which does'nt support ipv6).

However 4800G is at market for half a year and it's brand new product with more function's and better hardware. It using Comware version 5 which fully support IPv6 and many other function's.

XRN for 4800G was added in last sw release and it could be done using 10gig modules that you can put in back of the switch.

I would recommend to use 4800G, it has more performance and for future more functions.