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5500HL 10Gb port use


5500HL 10Gb port use

I am currently looking at using the built in SFP+ ports on the front of my 5500HL to connect up a 10Gb enabled EqualLogic san though Dell is telling me that these ports can only be used as uplink ports (802.1Q) and NOT access or Non-802.1Q ports.  Can someone confirm or deny this, and preferable provide me a location as to where I can find something that says they can be used as access (endpoint / node) ports. 


I have checked, quickspecs and the install guides which provided me no information that i can go back and through in Dell's face.  This is what you get for using dell i guess.

Fredrik Lönnman
Honored Contributor

Re: 5500HL 10Gb port use

I havent used that exact model of the 5500 but I can't see why they would limit the ports to trunks. Just log in to the switch and type 'port link-type access' to see if it will work.
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Re: 5500HL 10Gb port use

There´s no limit for the SFP+ ports on A5500-HI switches. Who told this?

Richard Litchfield
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Re: 5500HL 10Gb port use

Yes, the 10Gb ports are 10Gb ports! Use them or access, dot1q/trunk, IRF, etc.


Maybe you were asking about the Dell 10Gb ports?


I can't see any reason why you couldn't use them as connections to the Dell storage. HP DACs are preferred (for support on the cable), but they will work with any compliant DAC or optic (1Gb or 10Gb). Check with Dell for any specific vendor ID support requirements they may have on their kit.