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5500g routing

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5500g routing


I have 5500g

unit which is our core router.

We are in process of adding another /23 subnet to our site.

Currently we have /23 on vlan 1 configured  all the routing on that vlan works fine

I have set up vlan 3 for the new  /23 network 

I have setup upd-helper an dhcp relay and clients  on vlan 3 can connect succefully to dhcp however they can not ping to vlan1 or get out to internet

here snips of my config

dhcp-server 1 ip
dhcp-server detect
router id
udp-helper enable

interface Vlan-interface1
ip address
ip forward-broadcast

interface Vlan-interface3
ip address
dhcp-server 1
ip route-static preference 60
ip route-static preference 60
i STATIC 60 0 Vlan-interface1 DIRECT 0 0 Vlan-interface3 DIRECT 0 0 InLoopBack0 DIRECT 0 0 Vlan-interface1 DIRECT 0 0 InLoopBack0 DIRECT 0 0 InLoopBack0 DIRECT 0 0 InLoopBack0

What am I missing



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