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5510 - JH148A - DC power supply

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5510 - JH148A - DC power supply

Hello everyone,

I have a 5510 PoE - JH148A and I need to connect this switch directly to a 48V DC power supply. I have 48V DC for the whole POP and going from 48 VC to 230V AC and back to the 48V DC switch is very complicated and energy intensive.
Is there an easy way to directly connect the JH148A to a 48V DC power supply?

Thanks for the ideas


Re: 5510 - JH148A - DC power supply

Hi @Standula !

According QuickSpecs there is DC PSU for 5510-HI switch series - HPE X361 150W 48-60VDC to 12VDC Power Supply JD366B, but it is not compatible with JH148A and can be used only with JH145A, JH146A, and JH149A.

Check the HPE FlexNetwork 5510 HI Switch Series Installation Guide here, Page 52. There is a table that also states compatibility information in the "FRUs and compatibility matrixes" table.


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