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5800 Random Port Shutdown


5800 Random Port Shutdown



I have 3 switches configured for IRF with VoIP phones powered by these switches. We had a problem on a Sunday whereby according to the log a random number of ports in a random order kept being shut down and then back up again throughout the entire day, this was not limited to phones. This continued on to Monday and staff couldn't access the network.

The switch was rebooted and there was no longer a problem during the week, but come Saturday it started happenening again and went on to Monday.


I have contacted HP about this, they have seen the diagnostic log but can't find a fault. They recommend I upgrade the firmware to A5800_5820X_5.20.R1211P04 from 5800-5820X_5.20.R1211P01.


The strange thing is that this is linked by fibre to an upstairs group of 5800 switches and the upstairs switches were not affected.


Just wondering if anyone has had this happen before and what is the best way to use debugging to find out more information?

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Re: 5800 Random Port Shutdown

I can't really comment on the problem, but if you still have it after a firmware upgrade, then you should be able to get HP to take it further. I typically upgrade to the latest available firmware before i call them, because without fail they ask me to do it as part of the troubleshooting process.