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5800AF-48G and switch stacking

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5800AF-48G and switch stacking


I have 5800AF-48G up and running fine in my network . But I am almost done with using all 48 ports of type 1G . Hence I am looking to do switch stacking . Can you please let me know :

1)       There are following 10G ports in my switch  XGE1/0/49    to XGE 1/0/54      which are unsused . For stacking I have to use one of these 6 ports only ? or is there a separate stack port (like in cisco 37xx etc )

2)      Please tell me the stack cable options (with part number) so that customer can take a decision based on prices as well . I hope this will include stack cable as well as respective sfp/xfp that will go in the port mentioned . For me the switches will be co-located in same rack .. and very near to each other

3)      If possible,can someone point to HP specific stacking preso (which can include config / do's and dont's )

I am pretty much familiar with Cisco stacking fundamentals .. But looking for something which is more HP specific to IRF


Gaurav Madan

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Re: New 5800 Switches and IRF

You should really create a new post regarding your specific requests and not using a closed (solved) old one.

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Re: 5800AF-48G and switch stacking

  1. HPE_5800AF-48G_IRF_port_binding_restrictions.pngSee above (that information is part of HPE 5820X & 5800 Switch Series IRF Configuration Guide).
  2. Read the IRF Configuration Guide linked above (SFP+ ports are needed as physical IRF ports to be binded to logical IRF port for your exact model).
  3. Read the IRF Configuration Guide linked above (some IRF related HPE Community posts and HPE Advisories can be of help, also look at your product support page).