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5830 with IRF

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5830 with IRF

I have a (2) HP 5830 switches configured as IRF via 2-Port 10GbE Modules in the back.    The 10GbE ports on the front are connected to VC-Flex 10 Modules.


One of the 10GbE port 1/0/52 on Master IRF switch connected to VC-Flex 10  won't come up and we tried everything and now as a last resort would like to reboot the switch.


Both switches are in production and would like to reboot Master swtich gracefully.  Are there any steps that I should following since we are dealing with IRF here.





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Re: 5830 with IRF

Are you sure that the "problem" isn't just that 2 two VC uplinks are in a active-passive relationship. Remember that you can't have different uplinks out of the same SUS from different VC interconnect modules as VC can't do LACP across modules.
It is probably expeted behaiour from Flex-10 and not the switches fault.

If you create 2 vnets per "real" VLAN and put them into different SUS groups you will be able to acheive what you are looking for.
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