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5900 IRF with MAD BFD support?

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Occasional Contributor

5900 IRF with MAD BFD support?

Hi everyone,


I am trying to configure MAD BFD in a new 5900 pair of switches.  I have configured many comware5 units for IRF in various topologies, however the normal "mad bfd enable" command is not available in the interface-vlan section where it normally is.


I have options for ARP and ND but do not really want to go down those routes, has anyone configured 5900s with MAD BFD in an IRF fabric composed of two switches, in comware7?


The config guides suggest the commands should be there.


It is probably something hidden in comware7 or my lack of knowledge therin, as this is the first time I am using this later code.  Version is 7.1.023 release 2108P02.


Any advice or guidance appreciated.




Honored Contributor

Re: 5900 IRF with MAD BFD support?



You are using the initial release of comware 7, which did not have all features completed.

When you update to r2208 you will have the new (from comware 7 point of view) features (which includes MAD BFD) available.


Best regards,Peter.

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Re: 5900 IRF with MAD BFD support?

Thank you Peter,


I updated to the release:  5900AF-5920AF_7.10.R2208P01


This has, as you stated, provided my MAD BFD features as I required.  Thank you for the prompt response.