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5900 irf on Qsfp ports on single mode fiber

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5900 irf on Qsfp ports on single mode fiber

I am considering buying 2 5900 48xgt. But having a little desing issue.


I want to place them in two datacenters seperated about 700Meters. I want to link them by IRF. Between the DC's i have singel mode fiber, thats were the trouble begins.


I have to use the Qfsp ports for this to work (the xgt model have 48 base-t ports and 4 qsfp ports) while both DC's are connected bij fiber.  Qsfp doesnt go beyond 150m. 


I am wondering if anyone has the same issue and if you solved it. I rather do not want to use an external transceiver (i could put 2 of the base-t ports on an external trancevier and connect it on the Singel mode fiber, but thats not what i want).


I know there are breakout cables that split the 40Gb port into 4x10 Gb port. Is it posible to run IRF on the splited ports?


I have seen that flexoptics has a Qsfp that would solve all my problems QSFP for long range (on SMF).. Does anyone tested this or have an alternative?




Sietze Reitsma
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Re: 5900 irf on Qsfp ports on single mode fiber



You can use the following 40Gb optic for SMF:

JG661A HP X140 40G QSFP+ LC LR4 SM Transceiver


I also know you can use an QSFP+ to SFP+ adapter kit 665874-B21 + JD094B (X130 10G SFP+ LR). Disadvantage is that you can use only 1 x 10Gb from the 40G QSFP. 



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Re: 5900 irf on Qsfp ports on single mode fiber

This remembers me about a propaganda posting on http://blog.ipspace.net/2011/09/long-distance-irf-fabric-works-best-in.html