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Re: 5900 to 2920 layer 3 not working

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5900 to 2920 layer 3 not working

Have the 2 switches conencted and they are seen in lldp.

Bridge aggregation is setup with one vlan allowed.  Vlan shows as Up and route interface configured on 5900.  Below is the config that is on the BAGG group and this is also on the physical interfaces within that group.

interface Bridge-Aggregation10
port link-type trunk
undo port trunk permit vlan 1
port trunk permit vlan 1063
link-aggregation mode dynamic

Cannot ping to the 2920 but can ping from the 2920 to the 5900.   

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Re: 5900 to 2920 layer 3 not working

I think you'd need to give us the terminal config output or screenshot of the 2920 config too where the aggregate link is concerned..