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Re: 5900AF FCoE configuration

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5900AF FCoE configuration

I want to configure a new 5900AF switch for fcoe purpose ................ need to know what are the basic configurations i need to do before configuring fcoe .............


Re: 5900AF FCoE configuration

The basic requirements are advanced mode and fcoe-mode fcf.  Changing to advanced working mode requires a reboot.

Once in advanced mode anf fcf mode, select an fcoe tagged vlan.  Create a vsan, and then configure the fcoe vlan with fcoe enabled vsan.

The PFC and QOS is described in the solution configuration guide, which is available on flexfabric 5900 switch user documents along with many other documents.  I recommend the Solution configuration guide and the FCoE configuration guide.


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Re: 5900AF FCoE configuration


I am trying to do FCoE with 5940 FF switch with synergy. I am stuck at OneView recognizing FCoE DCBX config done on 5940. 

My infra is like this, the 3820c 20GBps NIC on SY 480 Gen10 blade is connected to a Virtual Connect SE 40Gb F8 Module of Synergy, which is connected to a 5940 ToR switch which is a 40GigE port then the switch has conevrted(Ethernet to FC) FC ports connectong to a 3PAR.

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