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5920 IRF/VLAN Woes

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5920 IRF/VLAN Woes

Hi there, I've got two 5920-24XGs and I'm trying to set up an IRF. The IRF is enabled and seems to work, but when I disconnect power to the primary switch, our phone system starts to fail.


Our data network is on 192.168.4. on the default VLAN, and our phone network is on 192.168.6. on VLAN50.


I set the switches up to update their configuration, as I thought that was important. However, the ports on switch 2 are named differently than those on switch one, because of it's IRF ID. (ten-gigabitethernet 1/0/1 vs ten-gigabitethernet 2/0/1 for example, which is the name of the first port on either switch.)


Does anyone have any clue how to set this up, I'm stumped.

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Re: 5920 IRF/VLAN Woes

Can you attach your config? What type of MAD are you using?



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Re: 5920 IRF/VLAN Woes

Also, please describe the precise nature of the failure.

Does your voice system become unreachable?