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5920 converge network switch & proliant CNAs

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5920 converge network switch & proliant CNAs

the specs for the proliant DL server CNA adapters list the 5820AF converged network switch but not the 5920 switch are they compatible or not?


I'm trying to design a converged 10GbE network with FCoE connectivity from the same switch but can't verify the compatibility.


any help much appreciated

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Re: 5920 converge network switch & proliant CNAs



If it works with the 5820, then it should work with the 59xx. On the 5820, it was not native FCoE, but a pass-through to a plug-in FC module. The 59xx is native FCOE.


I know the 5900CP (with native FC port support) is fully supported by all CNAs and HP Storage systems, so I am pretty confident that your setup will be supported as well.


However, I recommend getting in touch with an HP rep to validate.

An online tool which can be useful (not sure for your case however) is the Storage SPOCK site:


Best regards,Peter.

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Re: 5920 converge network switch & proliant CNAs


Thanks for the reply, information is proving to be a bit thin on the ground for HP converged networking, I had a look at the storage SPOCK but it doesn't really validate my design. Like you I am pretty sure the 5920 will have better support for the newer CNAs but as the CNAs are a bit pricey to get wrong I wanted to be as confident as possible.


Once again thanks for the information.