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Re: 5920 switch firmware upgrade

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5920 switch firmware upgrade

I am trying to upgrade the switch from version  7.1.035 release 2210 to version

I am using the boot-loader command with this new .ipe file in the command line.

It fails with bad or corrupt file.  I have rebooted sw and tried another download but this still fails.

bootrom version 126

It does not even start to decompress the files.


Help please


Re: 5920 switch firmware upgrade

Unzip the file and ftp or copy from usb the. .ipe file and boot-loader the .ipe file.

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Re: 5920 switch firmware upgrade

OK, as starting point this page contains past and present Comware releases for the entire HPE 5900AF Switch series, which includes:

  • JC772A HPE 5900AF 48XG 4QSFP+
  • JG296A HPE 5920AF 24XG
  • JG336A HPE 5900AF 48XGT 4QSFP+
  • JG510A HPE 5900AF 48G 4XG 2QSFP+
  • JG554A HPE 5900AF 48XG 4QSFP+ TAA
  • JG555A HPE 5920AF 24XG TAA
  • JG838A HPE 5900CP 48XG 4QSFP+
  • JH036A HPE 5900CP 48XG 4QSFP+ TAA
  • JH037A HPE 5900AF 48XGT 4QSFP+ TAA
  • JH038A HPE 5900AF 48G 4XG 2QSFP+ TAA

Then R2432P05 software release can be found here.

ZIP downloadable file's MD5, SHA1 and SHA256 provided hash values are:

MD5   : 96A5963FC684ADC9C1697FB45DEE7DA6
SHA256: 55BDF532C317CB58D20A91F26D722F7CFD48FBCE061139668FDE99EF8284995E

 Was your ZIP downloaded file checked at least against one of those pulished hash values to be sure it wasn't corrupted?

If the check is successful then, once unzipped, you have - among others - an uncorrupted IPE file:

5900_5920-CMW710-R2432P05.ipe (System software image)

at this point you can download it (did you set the binary option on FTP before the get?) into the Switch flash using usual methods described within the Appendix B Upgrading software chapter on Release Notes document.

Edit: I'm pretty much sure that display install ipe-info ipe-filename CLI Command (in user view) exists and it will let you to identify software images that are included in the ipe-filename.ipe file you downloaded on Switch's Flash; also the display install package { filename | all } [ verbose ] CLI Command would be useful to gather some other software version informations...clearly well known display version, display flash and dir CLI Commands are, as always, recommended to understand Switch software status before any update attempt.

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Re: 5920 switch firmware upgrade


I've checked the md5 hash download and it's ok

I tried another version of the .ipe file and that failed also.

Could I get this error if there is not enough flash space?

If this is the case can I delete the current bin  boot and system files.  I would need to do this to free  me 2 times the size of the new .ipe file.

Is it ok to do this.

Does the switch boot from these files in flash?




Re: 5920 switch firmware upgrade

Yes it is OK to delete /unreserved  ALL the .ipe files.  If you have IRF, then you will need to cleanup flash on each member.

5920 HAS LIMITED FLASH.  After deleteing all the old .ipe files, I would ftp (be sure to use bin mode)  the new .ipe file to the master switch and then delete the old .bin files before starting the boot-loader of the new .ipe file.


delete /unreserved slot4#flash:file.bin or .ipe
delete /unreserved slot3#flash:/file.bin or .ipe
delete /unreserved slot2#flash:/file.bin or .ipe
delete /unreserved slot1#flash:/file.bin or .ipe

dir slot1#flash:/
dir slot2#flash:/
dir slot3#flash:/
dir slot4#flash:/


You may also want to check your wastebasket(S) - >reset recycle-bin

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Re: 5920 switch firmware upgrade

ian12345 wrote: Could I get this error if there is not enough flash space?

Yes. So follow what @bamaskas suggested about freeing up space on flash (valid for standalone Switch and/or IRF scenario).

Basically you can get rid of any btm files on flash (generally you could find just one) since that BootROM file is used just to flash the EPROM and then can be safely removed from Switch's flash storage. On the other hand bin files (generated by dearchiving the previous ipe file) can be removed too if you plan to NOT reboot the Switch before completing the new ipe file deployment (so you free up space on flash, deploy the new ipe file and then consequently reboot...rebooting in between should be avoided because doing so your Switch will stall since you had removed, to free up space, necessary (System|Boot) bin files that should be available during Switch boot to previous system|boot bin files considering you didn't completed the upgrade that will install new system|boot bin ones automatically from new ipe), in few words, doing all in one step is possible: (a) free space (eventually you can backup btm, bin files via an ftp put to your FTP Server for future reference), (b) deploy new ipe and (c) reboot when Switch requests to do so (not before).

Edit: from a post I wrote some time ago,

Issue a dir /all CLI Command to display all files (hidden files and folders too), not only non hidden ones as the simple dir CLI Command does.

When you issue a simple delete filename CLI Command the deleted file goes to the flash recycle-bin folder (which is hidden); deleting that way, with the usual delete, is just moving files...not really erasing them from the flash (indeed you can issue the undelete filename CLI Command to recover deleted file).

When instead you issue a delete /unreserved filename the file is definitely erased and no undelete action is possible.

To definitely empty the recycle-bin hidden folder perform a reset recycle-bin (it requires confirmation(s)) or a reset recycle-bin /force (it doesn't require confirmation(s)).

Eventually consider to execute a dir /all .trash command to currently report what there is in the trash can.

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