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Re: 5930 switches and Microsoft NLB

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5930 switches and Microsoft NLB


I have a customer who recently migrated from old 5400 Procurve series to 3 5930 switches in an IRF, acting as core. Among other services, the customer has two clusters configured with Microsoft NLB. When they were using the 5400, the service was running smoothly. There was no configuration on 5400 regarding the NLB, since I read that this was done on the ASIC of the 5400. When they moved to the 5930, the cluster has many issues. There are several users who can't access the service. I tried to find the proper configuration needed for this, but was not succesful. I found some discussions in here for the Microsoft NLB needs, but apart that they were old, none of them solved our issue. 

We tried to configure the static arp, the mac-address multicast and many others but none of them lead to a full working solution.  Also, there is no documentation for Comware 7 and Microsoft NLB.

Any help or ideas will be much appreciated. 

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Re: 5930 switches and Microsoft NLB

HP 5900 Switch Series - NLB MulticasConfiguration R2311p03 and
Above on IRF
Switch 5900
NLB Multicast
Software R2311p03 and above
NLB Multicast configuration does not work.
Unclear how to configure service loopback interfaces.
If the NLB is connected on, example, Ten 1/0/1 and Ten 2/0/1, and the user has 2 unused and unconnected interfaces of, example,
Ten 1/0/10 and Ten 2/0/10:
Issue 'service-loopback group 1 type multiport' to create the group
Enter each interface and make them members of the new group
a. Issue 'interface Ten 1/0/10' to enter the interface context of the first interface
b. Issue 'port service-loopback group 1' to make the interface a member of the group
c. Do the same for the second interface Ten 2/0/10 Issue 'quit' to return to the global configuration context
d. Issue 'mac-address multicast 03bf-0acd-6ef2 interface Ten 1/0/1 Ten 2/0/1 vlan 99' to create this entry
Create the ARP multiport table entry
a. Issue 'arp multiport 03bf-0acd-6ef2 99' (where 99 is the VLAN) undo arp check enable
The service loopback configuration is separate from the actual connected NLB interfaces that are forwarding the traffic physically. It
is a way of using software forwarding over hardware forwarding.
The service loopback group should have an equal bandwith of interfaces to the actual physical interfaces that are connected to the
This configuration cannot support unicast mac-addresses, only Multicast mac-addresses are supported.