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5945 Recommended software

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5945 Recommended software

Hello everyone,

I'm wondering what is the reliability of the official document Recommended&Minimum SoftwareVersions (

The recommended software version for 5945 series, is the 6555P01 release whereas the P02 is a minor version fixing a lot of issue present in the P01 release.


Could you give me any feedback about using the P02 instead of the P01 ?
Is the document is not often updated ?


Thank you for your help


Re: 5945 Recommended software

Hi @Luth1ng !

It is reliable as much as any official HPE document, but time flies, things change and new releases are being released. Of course this document is a little bit behind latest releases. shows that P02 is the current version of 65xx branch, so I'd go with it.

As for experience about P01 vs P02, I'd go with the latest patch version. Especially if we speak about relatively new product as 5945, because first months and sometimes years of lifetime of a new switch are very intensive and active in terms of fixing issues, introducing new features, then fixing issues found in those new feautures etc. etc.



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Re: 5945 Recommended software

You are confirming what I thought. Many thanks for your detailed explanation and your time