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7750 multicast entries

Occasional Visitor

7750 multicast entries

How many multicast entries does the 7750 support?

I can't find this information anywhere.

What I'm referring to is the (*,G) and/or (S,G) maximum entries.

Any help is appreciated.

Occasional Advisor

Re: 7750 multicast entries

Hope this helps:

Supports 1K multicast routes.

Supports GMRP (GARP Multicast Registration Protocol).

Supports IGMP (Internet Group Management Protocol) V1, V2 and V3.

Supports IGMP Snooping.

Supports PIM-DM (Protocol Independent Multicast-Dense Mode).

Supports PIM-SM (Protocol Independent Multicast-Sparse Mode).

L2 multicast table : 512 groups totally, 256 max per VLAN

Best regards


3Com Czech Republic
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Re: 7750 multicast entries

Thanks very much...

This information is helpful.