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7900E maximum poe ports

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7900E maximum poe ports

How many poe ports can I have in a 7900E chassis?

Do the amount of ports differ based on the chassis size?

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Re: 7900E maximum poe ports

Wow, PoE. PoE requirements can be a daunting bang-your-head-against-the-wall issue. But, I'll give this question a shot :p.

The 7900 series chassis can support PoE out of the box with the default power supply. The power supply provides a total 2800 W. 1400 W are used to provide PoE to the chassis. The number of ports depends on how much juice your devices require; 90 ports can be powered at 15.4 W or 140 ports can be powered at 7.2 W.

There are a couple of 'gotcha's:

1) The two slot chassis will require the external power rack.

2) All PoE modules require the PoE DIMM module install on them.

Over all, because of the complexity of designing this rig. I would call into sales and make sure all of the details are worked out.

Good luck!

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Re: 7900E maximum poe ports

All Chassis support PoE:

- 3, 6 and 10 slot Chassis support integrated PoE Power via a 2800 Watt dual mode Data/PoE Power supply

- PSU provides 1400w for system data components (Fabrics and I/O Modules) and 1400w -48VDC for PoE (1:1 Redundancy)

- Supports up to 90 PoE Ports @15.4w or 180 ports @7.2w in redundant mode

- Chassis will support up to 140A*48V=6720watt when using the DC power supply with PoE Pass through (436 PoE ports @ 15.4w per port)

- 2 slot Chassis requires the PoE Power Rack for PoE Power*

- Uses Switch 7750 PoE Power Rack (3C16883) and PoE power supplies (3C16884)

- PoE capable I/O modules require a PoE DIMM upgrade module

- Uses Switch 8800 PoE DIMM (3C17529)