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802.1x wired authentication.


802.1x wired authentication.

Hi all.  It is time for us to switch to 802.1x authentication on our wired devices but I have an issue.

  I have set up 802.1x on the switch (HP 5500ei PWR) and connected to our radius server (Microsoft NAC). I can see the client connected to the 802.1x port successfully authenticating on the radius server and it then allows full network access.

  The issue i am having is with the client authenticating every 120 seconds, this is coincidently exactly the same time configured on the "tx-period".  I have removed the handshake command, removed "re-authenticate" on all ports and checked all other timers and it is definately the tx timer causing the re-authentication. 

  this is extremely frustrating as I can see the eap authentication succeeding on both the client computer and the radius server, it is even applying the vlan information on the radius request to the switchport so I am pretty sure this is down to the switch config.  Does anyone have any thoughts on this please?



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