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Re: 8810 can't configure link-aggregation

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8810 can't configure link-aggregation

Hi all.  Working late to build a 3com 5500G-EI XRN cluster, and that part has gone flawlessly.  Link aggregation is configured on that, but I'm hitting a snag with the upstream 8810 switch.  I've done:

Link-aggregation group 1 mode static [or manual]

Interface gig1/1/1                          [a ten-gigabit interface, but it's labeled as "gigabit"]

port link-aggregation group 1



Link-aggregation group 1

link-aggregation gigabit 1/1/1 to gigabit 1/1/2 both



Interface gig1/1/1

lacp enable                  [I don't want this but I tried it just to see what happened]


All generate the same error message: "4x10GE port cannot join link-aggregation group."



8810 running 3.01.31r

and the blade I'm trying is a 3C17526 4x10GE XFP-optic blade.



Any ideas?

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Re: 8810 can't configure link-aggregation

I remember that some blades of the 8800 had limitations with link-aggregation. I looks like you run into a such limitation.


But I found nothing about this blade in my archive.



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H3CSE, MASE Network Infrastructure [2011], Switzerland
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Re: 8810 can't configure link-aggregation

Is there any chance that updating the firmware would fix the problem?