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A-5810 (JF242A) and IRF support

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A-5810 (JF242A) and IRF support

Hey Guys,


I am working a config to cluster a pair of 5810-48G switches via IRF..


Attached are (2) documents that display IRF under the features available for this switch (I have highlighted the line item on the second page of both docs).


The command "IRF" does not exist...


I am running the latest software on the HP site and 3COM does not list software for the 5810. This is very frustrating. If these switches do not support what we need it will be a BIG problem.


My hope is that someone can tell me that there is another way to configure them or that there is some unlisted software update that can provide IRF capabilities.


Funny thing is that when I look at the GUI there is a link for IRF in the Clustering link. It is of litte use however when trying to determine if I can make this work.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.







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Re: A-5810 (JF242A) and IRF support

In my experience with the A5120's the irf linking happens automatically when linked.


Here's the latest update (well, the only one) version  A5810_5.20.R1102P01


Here's the release notes (no mention of IRF):


There are newer firmwares available here but they require an login. You could try registering the switch with them but they might say "it's an HP since, go to HP"



These firmware for very similar switches may work (definitely use a serial cable and xmodem for updating in case you need to boot from the old firmware):

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Re: A-5810 (JF242A) and IRF support

Hey, I appreciate you taking the time to respond.


  1. I have verified that I am runnning A5810_5.20.R1102P01 on both switches
  2. I attempted to update the 5810s to the same software REV as my 5820-24X switches to no avail
  3. The sofware update link that you list displays 5800 and 5820, not 5810
  4. We purchased them as HP not 3COM.. Not sure what the implications are (no 3COM site password)

Honestly, I am very confused. The reseller sold these to our customer with the understanding that this supports the configuration.


We have had a few problems here and I am nervous that this will constitute the straw that broke the camel's back.


I am really hoping someone here knows something that I dont because i am getting nervous. Not sure how I will explain this.








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Re: A-5810 (JF242A) and IRF support

sorry, gotta call hp or your partner. h3c was a joint venture between 3com and huawei (chinese electronics manufacturer) which is where these switches and the Comware OS were engineered.

(h3c is still alive and kicking)
Richard Litchfield
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Re: A-5810 (JF242A) and IRF support

Unfortunately, the 5810 doesn't support IRF, unlike the 5800, 5820, and 5830 switches which do support IRF. The firmware files are different between most models.


Go to and enter the model 5810 to get access to manuals, product specs, etc.


H3C was wholly owned by 3Com, and when 3Com was acquired by HP a few years ago, H3C became a part of HP.