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A3600zl QoS mark down policer - error

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A3600zl QoS mark down policer - error

We inject 100 frames at maximum rate and expect: classification all frames to EF, and a part of output traffic to be re-marked down. Define a specific Qos Map to mark down dscp values within the same class. Police traffic per class to have a maximum of 10 frames per class transmitted without being marked down.


For example config for RT traffic is:


acl number 3000 name RT

 rule 10 permit ip source 0 destination 0


traffic classifier RT operator and

 if-match acl name RT


traffic behavior RT

 car cir 128 cbs 8250 ebs 0 green pass red remark-dscp-pass cs1 yellow pass

 remark dscp ef

 remark dot1p 5


qos policy FILTER1

  classifier RT behavior RT


interface Ethernet1/0/3

 description INPUT

 port link-type trunk

 port trunk permit vlan all

 qos apply policy FILTER1 inbound


It shows error message:


%Jan  3 07:35:39:447 2010 A3600-24-PoE+v2 QOS/4/QOS_POLICY_APPLYIF_CBFAIL: Classifier-behavior RT in policy FILTER1 applied on interface Ethernet1/0/11 failed.

Reason: Behavior conflicts with other user-configured or system-configured actions.


What's wrong?? In addition this config succesfull works on A5500 switch.

AIS Network Infrastructure [2011]