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A5120 Boot Rom an free flash space


A5120 Boot Rom an free flash space

We have 4



Before upgrade
Comware Software, Version 5.20, Release 2208P01
Bootrom Version is 607


After Upgrade
Comware Software, Version 5.20.99, Release 2220P09
Bootrom Version is 619


Before Upgrade no .btm files was present. But after upgrading to 2220P09 we have .btm and .bin files.


Free Flash memory: 15240 KB total (1813 KB free)


.btm file was not used before ? or during installation was copied to another device memory space ?

can we delete .btm file from flash ?

Free space is very low... also with only last .bin and last .btm !


Thank you

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Re: A5120 Boot Rom an free flash space



btm files are bootrom update files. Once bootrom has been updated, you can safely remove these files.

I was under the impression that 5120 always required manual bootrom update, but your experience seems to indicate that they have implemented the auto-bootrom update for the 5120 as well (which would be good news).


Best regards,Peter.


Re: A5120 Boot Rom an free flash space

I don't think so... We execute this command manually, so auto-bootrom update was not implemented jet, i think...


1. Copy Boot Rom (.btm) to flash
<hp5120> tftp <tftpserver ip> get A5120EI-BTM-619.btm


2. Upgrade Boot ROM
<hp5120> bootrom update file flash:/A5120EI-BTM-619.btm slot 1


3. Delete actual firmware image (.bin) to make space on flash
delete /unreserved a5120ei-cmw520-r2208p01-s168.bin


4. Copy new firmware image (.bin) to flash
<hp5120> tftp <tftpserver ip> get A5120EI-CMW520-R2220P09.bin


5. Load the system software image and specify the file as the main file at the next reboot
<hp5120> boot-loader file A5120EI-CMW520-R2220P09.bin slot 1 main


6. Check boot loader config
<hp5120> display boot-loader


7. Save configuration  (in my case on one switch we don't remember to save but switch boot ok...)
<hp5120> save main force


8. reboot with new firmware image
<hp5120> reboot


If I understand well, you say we can do now:


9. Delete Boot Rom (.btm) from flash
delete /unreserved A5120EI-BTM-619.btm


Is this right ? If so, can you tell me where was put on device the Boot Rom (in which internal memory) at "bootrom update file" command ?

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Re: A5120 Boot Rom an free flash space

As I understand you can safetly remove the .btm file once you have issued the bootrom update command and rebooted the device to make sure its (still) fully functional.


As a sidenote: Since there is so little room available on the A5120 switches - whats the point of the main vs backup thingy when you only have room to only have one bin-file at a time in the flash?


Re: A5120 Boot Rom an free flash space

To have more space for next bigger bin as example. To have space for debugging files or other useful files. But, out ov curiosity: if we can delete .btm files after upgrade, where the content of this file was placed ? as I said it's just a curiosity, it is not specified anywhere.

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Re: A5120 Boot Rom an free flash space

I think you can see this bootrom as equal to the bios of a computer.


Once flashed into the bios-chip the file can be removed from the harddrive.


However the operatingsystem (bin-file) must remain on the harddrive (otherwise the device will fail to boot and only display the bootrom for you from where you can load the bin-file through xmodem or tftp or such).


Re: A5120 Boot Rom an free flash space


So these switches have an EPROM for the bios and flash as a local disk.


The bootrom is the image of the bios that is temporary loaded on the DISK (FLASH) only to be placed in the BIOS (EPROM). Then "bootroom" file can be deleted from the disk, while the "bin" file (the operating system), of course to allow automatic start of the switch system, must reside on the DISK (FLASH).


Thank you very much

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Re: A5120 Boot Rom an free flash space

Yes, that is my current knowledge of how these relates to each other (until proven otherwise ;-)