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A5120-EI (JE067A) IRF Technology

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A5120-EI (JE067A) IRF Technology

We were advised that the above switches supported IRF technology out of the box prior to purchasing. After the switches arrived, our consultant read some of the accompanying literature and became unsure as to whether IRF technology could be used with the devices.


We've since been sold additional modules under the pretense that we'd need these in order to get the IRF technology working - however our switches have no module slots, so we are unable to use them.


I need some clarification as to whether we are able to use IRF technology with these switches using the standard ethernet ports. The HP website clearly states that these switches are IRF capable, however some documentation indicates the contrary.


Many thanks.

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Re: A5120-EI (JE067A) IRF Technology

There are 6 models in the A5120-EI series. Your's (JE067A) is the one with 48 10/100/1000 ports and no available slots. There is another different model with the same 48 10/100/1000 ports plus two additional slots (JE069A).


In the A5120-EI series IRF is only available on 10G ports.And these ports are only available as add-on modules for the models that provide the needed slots.


So, short answer: your device don't support IRF.



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Re: A5120-EI (JE067A) IRF Technology



I also have some S5120. With them I can build normal stack with "stack command" and Gbit slots.

But it seems I can´t setup a stack with "ring" structure as with IRF?