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A5120 - VLAN Routing

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A5120 - VLAN Routing



I am connecting a A5120 to an existing network.


VLAN 1 is used for Data.  I have created VLAN 20 for Voice.  


VLAN 1    Interface is

VLAN 20 Interface is


VLAN 1 can communicate with DHCP server and also VLAN 20 is able to communicate with DHCP server.  Both get correct DHCP assigned address in their correct scope. 


However I cannot route/ping between VLAN's.


I suspect it is to do with the subnet.  When I add in as /24 or /16 I cannot ping between interfaces.  When I try to add in as a /8 subnet I can add in for one interface but when I try to do the same for the other Interface it says "address already in use". 


Any ideas how can I ping between these VLAN'S.



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Re: A5120 - VLAN Routing

hi larry


The subnetmask has to be 16 or greater. DHCP equal. Default-Gateway has to be the Switch in both net, or you need a specific route.




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Re: A5120 - VLAN Routing

Hi Manuel


I looked up the specs of the switch as I assumed it was a Layer 3 switch with dynamic routing enabled. But  it states it provides manually configured routing so I will return to site and add in static routes.




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Re: A5120 - VLAN Routing

I am still unable to route between the VLAN's.

I opened up a Support Case with HP but still in progress.

The switch can ping all vlan interfaces on HP switch and also all interfaces on Cisco switch.

The DHCP for the data and voip interfaces are assigned from the existing Cisco network.

The  DHCP assigned default gateway for vlan 1 is the cisco switch default gateway and cannot be changed.  The DHCP assigned default gateway for voip vlan is the voip vlan interface on the HP A5120. 

If I set static addresses I can ping between the vlans but not when assigned by DHCP.

When I do a trace route on either vlan the next hop is its own interface and then it times out.

I have added in default gateway to switch and tried various static routes but to no avail.

Any other ideas of what i'm missing?