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A5120 replacing Cisco switch running EIGRP


A5120 replacing Cisco switch running EIGRP

I have 3 buildings and I am moving from Cisco switches to HP switches. The HP switches are A5120s in an IRF and the Cisco switch is a 6509. I am using EIGRP to broadcast the routes to the remote sites and they are using EIGRP to broadcast them back to me. The 6509 is doing the EIGRP on my site, so once it goes away there is no more EIGRP knowledge to get back to my site. Worse thing is, we do not own or manage the routers so I cannot just go in and add routes there.


What would be the equivalent to EIGRP that I could use on the A5120 and will it work with Cisco devices on the other end? Do I need to use RIP or something like that?


 Crappy time to figure this out, after the A5120s are already bought.


Thanks much!




Re: A5120 replacing Cisco switch running EIGRP

Looks like OSPF is the way to go. Must figure out how to use this now. Is that the correct thinking?

Fredrik Lönnman
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Re: A5120 replacing Cisco switch running EIGRP

First off I'd say that A5120 probably isnt a good replacement for the 6509, especially if it does any routing at all (which it obviously do). The A5120 will only do static routing (max 32 routes)

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