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A5210 - Routing between VLANs

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A5210 - Routing between VLANs



I'm having trouble getting machines talking to each other across VLANs on a HP A5120-24G EL switch. I've been over the manual several times but I think I must be miss-reading it (or just not understanding it).


Most of our servers (main gateway, dns, dhcp, etc) and internet connection are connected to a CISCO switch on a network. I have linked the HP switch to the CISCO switch so that any machine plugged into a VLAN1 port on the HP switch can access all the servers and the internet.


The problem comes when adding a second VLAN. There is one server that has to be on its own network. My plan is to create a VLAN20 network on the HP switch running a network, assign a port to VLAN20, plug the server into that port and then configure IP routing on the switch so that the server on VLAN20 can access the network (and thus the internet as well). It would also need to be configured so that machines on the network can communicate with the server on the network.


Both VLAN1 and VLAN20 have a Vlan-interface on the switch


interface Vlan-interface1
 ip address
 undo dhcp select server global-pool
interface Vlan-interface20
 ip address


I plugged a machine into the port for VLAN20, set the IP to and the default gateway to This allows it to see the switch ( However, it can't see the network (pings just time out). I had been led to believe that, as the two networks have a virtual interface on the switch, it would automatically route between them. Is that belief wrong?



Fredrik Lönnman
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Re: A5210 - Routing between VLANs

Devices in doesnt now how to find its way to On whichever device is the default gw for devices in you'll need to put a route showing that is routed behind


ip route, or similar depending on the device.

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Re: A5210 - Routing between VLANs

Thanks for the reply Fredrik.


The gateway we are currently using won't take static routes so I couldn't get VLAN1 talking to VLAN20.


As I was still unable to get the VLANs talking, I've cheated but plugging a VLAN20 port into an external CISCO gateway device and using that to get to the network. Visibility is only one way (VLAN20 can see VLAN1 but not vice-versa). However, as there is only going to be one machine in VLAN20, that can be fixed with IP forwarding.