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A5500-24G EI undisclosed ports

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A5500-24G EI undisclosed ports

Hi All,


I have two A5500-EI-24G's in my network which are connected together through IRF. The network it drives has several VLANS. One of the VLANs is used to manage network attached devices and the combined IRF switch has an IP address in this VLAN. That allows me to use SSH for instance to connect to the switch for management purposes.


Obviously all devices connected to the network are tested and one of the test is just running nmap against the management port of the switch. Because I use ssh, the switch listens on port 22. However, nmap reports that the switch is also listening on tcp port 50300, 50389 and 50500. I have searched everywhere to find out what the switch is doing on these ports but have not found anything. Does anyone know what these ports are used for?





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