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A5500-48G-4SFP Switch, SFP Module error

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A5500-48G-4SFP Switch, SFP Module error

Hi all

Just wanted to throw out this error before contacting support to see if anyone has come across this.


Logging into my switch yesterday to do some config, I decided to look at the log. Low and behold, I see this error as per attached file. This error is generated more than once in the log.


So, I am not sure what is going on.


So I have 2 of these 48 port switchwes and 2- 24 ports. They are in an IRF config.


Modules and Transceivers that were ordered and installed for these switches are:





So I just don't get why these are NOT VALID?? Was I sold the wrong Bill of Goods?





Any help would be appreciated.













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Re: A5500-48G-4SFP Switch, SFP Module error

Hi Howard,


One thing you could check before calling support is that you're on the latest firmware.  If those are recently-released modules you may need to upgrade.  When you get it all from HP, it should all be supported.

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Re: A5500-48G-4SFP Switch, SFP Module error

It was my understanding that, unlike the Procurves, A-series do not enforce HP-only SFPs.


To make non-HP SFPs work on Procurve gear, you had to have them coded by the vendor to an appropriate HP J- part number.


Since A-series don't enforce it, it's entirely possible for your distributor to sell you non-HP SFPs and describe them by their equivalent J- part number and not bother having them coded. If this is the case, your only issue is making sure you paid the correct price for them: we pay $700 for HP SFP+ J9150A, but only $120 for non-HP SFP+ coded as J9150A, saving us lots of money.

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Re: A5500-48G-4SFP Switch, SFP Module error

JD368B and JD092B get together and are both "comware-based". I used them in different installations without these errors.


Best ist to check the SW Release because JD092B is a newer transceiver.

Newest ist R2220P02, but one of my customer is still using R2210.





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Re: A5500-48G-4SFP Switch, SFP Module error

Thanks all for this added information. Sorry I should mention these switches are A5500-HI (as firmware mentioned in other post is not related to this switch.



My Modules and Tranceivers should be the real deal as I paid roughly $1200 for the JD092B and $1800 for the JD368B.


I do see in software releases that there is an update that now accepts the DAC Cables purchased for this solution.


Cable in question is: JD095C   Release A5500HI-CMW520-F5103 has this added support.


I am currently running


Software Version
5.20.99 Release 5101P01


BootRom Version




I will update the firmware/software when I get a chnace and see if that resolves the issue.


The trick will be doing the upgrade to all members in the IRF while the system is LIVE.


Any advice on best way to do so?




Have a great weekend





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Re: A5500-48G-4SFP Switch, SFP Module error

With HP A5500-HI series you will have to boot each switch within a stack. So you will have a downtime for each of them.

(Btw, latest software for A5500-HI is R5203)


The problem with HP SFP modules is their different brandings and codings. You have SFP modules with:


- HP "Procurve" coding

- exH3C based coding

- ex3Com based coding


Let´s look at the HP E4800 series. This one has in fact 3Com branding. So you normally put in 3Com SFPs. You can put in everything else and it will complain.

The problem is even on R2220p02 and 3Com coded SFP modules it will complain. Perhaps there will be a change with that behavior on Comware V7...