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Re: A5500-48G Performance issues

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A5500-48G Performance issues

I recently purchased HP A5500-48G Switch (JD375A). I did basic configuration - 2 VLANs, 1 L3 port toward router, 1 static route to router, no ACLs and QoS. During tests I noticed that when I am copying big files across local network there are some performance problems. My connection to the Internet slows down almost to 0. CPU usage is between 10-15%. 


Does anyone have similar problems? Maybe someone have some suggestion what should I do to resolved that problem?


Thanks in advance.

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Re: A5500-48G Performance issues

Hi aspire5024,

Without seeing your configuration it's hard to make any specific judgements, but in copying big files across the LAN, it's very unlikely that a 5500 switch will introduce any bottlenecks - all forwarding (at either L2 or L3) is done in hardware. I would suggest setting up SNMP monitoring of your switch and Internet router and looking at the statistics for each port.
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Re: A5500-48G Performance issues



file copy is typically not a good reference for network testing, since normally the file server is the bottleneck.

Try using iperf on the client and the server:

# Server, statistics update interval 1 second:

iperf -s -i 1

# Client, statistics update interval 1 second, x.x.x.x is IP address of the server

iperf -c x.x.x.x -i 1


This should show better throughput, altough most  clients cannot really generate 1 Gbps, so if you see 500-700Mbps, I would consider it normal.

Use recent pcs/workstations/servers if you try to test real Gigabit speeds,


Best regards,Peter