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A5800-24G (JC100A) and SNMP

Occasional Advisor

A5800-24G (JC100A) and SNMP



I have a question about the A5800 (JC100A). We monitor this switch via SNMP and the switch seems to work fine.


But the switch invokes "Responding to poll" events at irregular intervals. I cannot explain why this happens. The switch is online the whole time and there is no "No respond to poll" preceding. Somtimes these responding to poll events occure every 10 minutes, sometimes there is no SNMP event for 12 hours.


I observed that these "Responding to poll" events are more often when someone is logged in at the web interface or via the serial console.


There are also no events in the syslog corresponding to these "Responding to poll" events.


Has anybody observed a similar behavior of a comware-based switch or better does anyone know how to fix this?