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Good day, I am new to this but somehow we need to understand what I'm asking for your help!
There A5800 as the core of the network connected to it many access switches division Vlan.
for each vlan interface and its registered DHCP Relay 
also manual routing table

Problem as follows:
1) if the IP address is registered on the client manually and the default gateway is not assigned IP interface Vlan it as well as the gateway can not see each other ping as the customer record is not in the ARP table.

2) if you use a TRACERT from the client to any other IP outside their VLAN is ranked first HOP should be interface (A5800) and Statistics *** further all ok
traceroute to ( 30 hops max, 40 bytes packet, press CTRL_C to break
1 ***
 2 2 3 ms 2 ms 2 ms

3) it is possible from the point before going but felt very long delay in http connection

Configuration file attached, in my opinion it has a lot of excess as yourself trying to figure it out

I apologize if that is not clear, use the translator = \

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Re: A5800-24G-SFP

hi vovan


you have a strange configuration with arp restricted-forwarding, proxy-arp enable and ip irdp. May this cause the delays and invisible arp entries.


for the tracert you have to enable "ip ttl-expire enable" on the switch.




H3CSE, MASE Network Infrastructure [2011], Switzerland
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Re: A5800-24G-SFP

Thanks for the tip with the ip ttl-expire enable" this is what you need!
I agree that it's very strange but after disabling these features have not changed anything...
I removed from the configuration of a "dhcp relay address-check enable" to vlan interfaces and added, "mac authentication" with the service-type "lan access" then there were all ARP entries
The problem with large delay is still there.
in the configuration added "dns resolve", "dns server" name resolution: ping watch a repeated and long-standing request to the dns server