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A5800AF-48G how to clear option 82 on one interface?

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A5800AF-48G how to clear option 82 on one interface?



can you help me with this problem:


dhcp-snooping enabled globally

dhcp-snooping information enable - on incoming trunk interface

dhcp-snooping information circuit id string floor4 - on the same incoming trunk interface


then i have 2 dhcp servers one on windows server for local lan and other one on cisco ASA for guest wireless - different vlans for each of them. there are no problems with windows server it works fine and uses option 82.

but ASA does not work with option 82 and drops packets...


so my question is: is there some way to discard option 82 field on interface heading to the ASA? So it will receive normal DHCP request without option 82?


on the cisco devices i can just type no dhcp.... and so on, but on HP there is only undo which removes existant configuration row but does not create no statement



1. option 82 on LAN must stay

2. no option to use two uplinks (fiber connection) only one uplink with trunk configuration for all vlans


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Re: A5800AF-48G how to clear option 82 on one interface?

Hi Milords


At first unknown option fields in the dhcp request should be ignored ... not dropped. May check with your cisco supplier if there is a version or function to comply with the RFC.


I've never seen a command to remove the option 82, only to overwrite it. Maybe it works wenn you overwrite it with an empty string ("").


"undo" is the same as "no". Wheter it is display in the config depends on which is the default config (which is not show in the config). i.e. "telnet server enable" es default and will not be shown in the config, but "undo telnet server enable" is not default and will be shown in the config.




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