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A5820X and ACL Port 80

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A5820X and ACL Port 80

Hallo Community


I have a problem with the configuration of the “HP A5820X-24XG-SFP+ Switch Software Version 5.20.105” an hope the community can help me.


I wont to create a ACL that allows only port 80 from any ip on the destination

I have tried to create the ACL but all ports are still open. Is there a mistake in my configuration? All other ports should be blocked


tcp established source 0 source-port neq www destination 0 destination-port neq www

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Re: A5820X and ACL Port 80



How did you apply the acl?


to an interface or to an interface vlan?


Please post the acl configuration and the packet filter command on the interface or vlan-interface.




Søren Dideriksen

Søren Dideriksen, Network Administrator
Region Midtjylland