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ACL Configuration on Baseline 2920

Occasional Contributor

ACL Configuration on Baseline 2920

Hi Guys,


I have been having problems getting ACLs to work on the 2920. I have used the 2916 before that has a dedicated ACL section. With the new software you seem to have to add the ACL to a class, then add a behavior, then add them both to a policy, and eventually add them to a port.


I have set up my ACL (in advanced mode as we have specific IP ranges that need to be able to send and recieve traffic), and added it onto the port in this manner, but it doesnt seem to work. I have read that the ACL permit/deny rules become irrelavant when you add a behaviour?? I have told the behaviour filter to permit those packets matched by the ACL, but I still get traffic between IP addresses that souldn't be able to communicate.


Is there something I'm missing?


Cheers in advance