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ACL/QoS A5500 EI

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ACL/QoS A5500 EI

Hello all ,


Is it possible to apply QoS to an ACl on a H3C A5500 EI switch with Comware Software version 5.20 release 2202 ?


The "packet filter" command is not available. Is it possible to apply QoS to an ACL with another command line


configuration within version 2202 ? Or is an upgrade to a more current software  version the only resolution to this


issue ?


config example :


acl number 3000


rule 0 permit ip source 10.44. 111.120 destination 130.44.X.X


rule 5 deny ip source destination  any




traffic classifier test1

if match acl 3000


traffic behavior test2

filter permit



qos policy policy_test3

classifier test1 behavior test2


interface GigabitEthernet 1/0/32

qos apply policy policy_test3 inbound














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Re: ACL/QoS A5500 EI



That would be possible, but it requires a bit of reverse thinking.

Since you need 2 actions in the qos policy (filter permit and deny), you will need 2 classifiers:

1 for the traffic you want to permit

1 for the traffic you want to deny


So you must create 2 ACLs. Each of these must have PERMIT rules, so they will SELECT the traffic of the ACL, then the ACL can be linked to the classifier1 and 2.


You would create 2 behaviors:

1 for the behavior filert permit

1 for the behavior filter deny


These can be combined in the qos policy:

qos policy x

 classifier x behavior deny-behaviorname

 classifier y behavior permit-behaviorname


So the answer is yes, it can be done, my preferred answer would be to update the firmware and just use the packet filter command, which is way more straight-forward than this qos workaround ...


Hope this helps ...