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Access lost on HPE3600

Occasional Advisor

Access lost on HPE3600

Hi all,

I did a mistake on an HPE 3600-48-PoE+ v2 and I lost any access to modify configuration.
I was trying to enable SSH access with admin rights and secure console ports, but finally I just lost ability to change configuration since I saved the configuration before testing (dumb I am).

Bellow are the main part of the configuration, including the Comware version.


# version 5.20.99, Release 2111

domain default enable system
undo ip http enable
password-recovery enable

domain system
 access-limit disable
 state active
 idle-cut disable
 self-service-url disable

user-group system
 group-attribute allow-guest

local-user admin
 password cipher <masked>
 authorization-attribute user-role network-admin
 service-type ssh terminal

interface NULL0

ssh server enable

user-interface aux 0
user-role network-admin authentication-mode scheme user-interface vty 0 15 authentication-mode scheme protocol inbound ssh save force


In striked blue the lines that did not worked (wrong/invalid commands) and that were supposed to grant admin account the relevant rights.

In red the lines that I suspect they made me lose the admin control of the switch.

Now when I connect via console port or SSH I can login with admin account but without any other access than display current configuration, I am not able to switch to system view.

Any help would be much appreciated on:
- How to gain back administrative rights (system view) or restore factory / previous configuration
- How to configure properly access (which commands instead of blue ones) ; should I create user role network-admin or use another role name?

Many thanks in advance,



Occasional Advisor

Re: Access lost on HPE3600

From what I saw on another thread (but for another switch model), commands were :

reset saved-configuration backup


display startup
delete startup.cfg

But I am not sure both commands would work if I do not have configuration access?

Also, I saw that via console I might be able to retrive acces via a specific boot menu at startup.

Any experience on this operation for the HPE3600 equipment are most welcome.

Many thanks,


Respected Contributor

Re: Access lost on HPE3600


Can you try access the boot menu? From there you can skip your current configuration and replace it.

Check following link for all the specific steps.


Kind regards