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Ansible - Comware 7 Switches IRF Port Setup


Ansible - Comware 7 Switches IRF Port Setup

Hi everybody!

I hope this is the right place to ask and that someone can help me here.

We are setting up hundreds of new Comware 7 FlexFabric 5940 switches. To speed things up and to automate it we are using the ansible modules ( and the python library ( . But there seems to be a problem with the modules/library which I thought I may ask here.

This is the situation:

One of the main tasks is to create an IRF Cluster of 3 members. We can successfully reassign the member id, setup the domain id and the priority of every member using the ansible module comware_irf_member - no problem.

Our Plan is to use 2 of the HundredGigEthernet ports on each switch for the IRF ports. But here's the problem: When we try to setup the IRF ports using the ansible module comware_irf_ports, it throws us a netconf error:

"NCError: NETCONF Protocol error (Interface HundredGigE1/0/54 can't be bound to an IRF port"

If we use the same module on one of the Ten-GigabitEthernet ports, it works like a charm. We can also assign the HundredGigEthernet ports directly on the switch cli without any problem.

Anybody got any ideas?
I would have opened an issue in the git repository, but there is activity there so I hope to get an answer here.

Thanks guys!