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Avaya to 3com 5500 trunk with SFP port

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Avaya to 3com 5500 trunk with SFP port


I need to connect the 5500 to Avaya switch through SFP.

The Avaya's port configured as TRUNK.

I connected the fiber between the Avaya and 5500, but no

link (no light).

Please, help me. It's an emergency.

Sorry for my English.

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Re: Avaya to 3com 5500 trunk with SFP port

Follow this step-by-step:

1) Check the transceiver on the 3Com switch. A good way to check this is connecting the TX cable end to the RX port on the transceiver, obtaining a loop on the cable. If there's link, the fiber and transceiver are ok. Repeat this procedure on the Avaya switch.

2) Check if the speed and duplex on both sides are the same;

3) Check the PVID VLAN on trunk configuration on both sides;

4) Check the proprietary features on the Avaya switches. The trunk needs to be a 802.1Q.

Hope it helps.

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