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BGP Best path selection

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BGP Best path selection


Hi Forum

I have an IRF stack of 2pc 5940 running 7.1.070, Release 2609.

Each stack-member connect to our upstream ISP via BGP. The upstream ISP advertise only a default route into the IRF stack. I advertise our public IP range to the ISP.

Due to the physical setup I prefer the path ( connected to stack-member 1 as the primary path.

However, the stack has selected the path on stack-member 2 as the best path.

Looking at the BGP path selection tree I expected the path with the lowest IP to be selected but it’s not.

I can force traffic to the path on stack-member 1 but if traffic for any reason changes to stack-member 2 it does not change back to stack-member 1.

Am I reading the “BGP best path selection” wrong or am I missing something?






BGP path selection.PNG