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Re: Backup Core Router


Backup Core Router

We purchased a JC554A HPE 5900-48-4QSFP+ switch to act as a spare to one of our JC772A HPE 5900-48-4QSFP+ production switches if the need arises. Question for the community. I need to have a plan in case one of the production switches goes down. In theory could I just copy the config from one of the other switches (configs are backed up as text files) to the spare in case I had to use it? Is there some sort of doc set that would help me setup for switch replacement in an emergency?

Another situation that may arise is one of my sites uses two of the JC772A switches in an IRF stack. How would I or could I use the spare if one of the switches in the stack stops working?

Thanks for any info you could provide

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Re: Backup Core Router


I can't seem to find the unit "JC554A HPE 5900-48-4QSFP+" anywhere on the net, are you sure you typed "JC554A" correct?


Søren Dideriksen, Network Administrator
Region Midtjylland
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Re: Backup Core Router

Hi again,
just realised you probably mean the JG554A. So the same switch as the JC772A (Just with or without TAA (Trade Agreement Act) compliance.)

So yes, you just make sure you have updated text file configuration backed up of all your other  JC772A/JG554A switches and then you can paste the configuration into the switch via the console, or if you have some prestaging rack where you prepare the switches you can upload the configuration and replace the current.
However you choose, or do it normally.

If your 5900's are part of the same IRF, it would be a good idea to keep your spare on the same software as the members of the IRF, so you don't have to upgrade the firmware in case of a crash. Also you might want to look (read : google) at "how to replace members of in IRF stack" to use best practice for that procedure.


Søren Dideriksen, Network Administrator
Region Midtjylland

Re: Backup Core Router

Hi Eric,


Just to add that after transferring the .cfg file to the spare switch you need to make this config to be used as running and as a startup config.


# make the config as running

[5900]configuration replace file flash:/backupconfig.cfg


# make it as startup so after reboot the switch will use it exactly this one config

<5900CP >startup saved-configuration backupconfig.cfg


# verify

dis startup


If you want to replace any defective switch from an IRF stack:

 - please make sure to have the software of the backup switch to be the same as the IRF stack.  

 -  renumber it with the member ID of the defective member and reboot.

“irf member 1 renumber x”

 - add the corresponding physical interfaces to the IRF ports

 - connect them to the stack

 - do “irf-port-configuration active”


(After the new member joins the stack it will get its config from the IRF master)


I hope this helps.


Best regards

I am an HPE Employee

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Re: Backup Core Router

Hi! worth to mention, among others, this HPE KB Article with regard to what @sdide and @mmilev recommended you about the IRF scenario (it was written referring to HPE 5830 Switch series but it easily applies also on HPE 5900).

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