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Baseline 2924 SFP Plus - firmware upgrade failure

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Baseline 2924 SFP Plus - firmware upgrade failure



I'm trying to upgrade firmware to an old 3com Baseline 2924 SFP Plus (similar to the new HP JE006A)

I've set up a tftp server to transfer the file into the switch.

By switch web interface, the switch complains that the file format is incorrect

Then, I tried by serial console and I got this another error:


Select menu option# summary
IP Method:         Manual
IP address:
Subnet mask:
Runtime version:   01.00.07 ( date  20-Mar-2008 time  16:25:04 )
Bootcode version: ( date  17-May-2007 time  12:35:42 )
Select menu option#  upgrade S2900-CMW520-R1101P06.bin runtime
startrunning 4
24-Mar-2000 12:47:37 %COPY-I-FILECPY: Files Copy - source URL tftp:// destination URL flash://image
24-Mar-2000 12:47:37 %TFTP-A-TftpTxERROR: An error message was sent: 0 <Closed by application>
E24-Mar-2000 12:47:37 %COPY-W-TRAP: The copy operation has failed

Can someone help me?


Re: Baseline 2924 SFP Plus - firmware upgrade failure

Make sure that you copied the binary file to your PC in BINARY mode!  If the file transfer defaulted to ASCII, the upgrade will fail.