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Baseline 3C16476BS resets after reboot

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Baseline 3C16476BS resets after reboot


We have two Baseline 3C16476BS switches, one Baseline 3C16476CS and one 4200G 3CR17661-91.

Due an abrupt APC UPS reboot (probably), 3C16476BS switches now VLAN resets the configuration after every reboot.

3C16476CS and 4200G switches are fine.

If you just create VLANs, the reset does not happen but as soon as you assign ports to VLANs, the configuration is reset after reboot.

I reset the switch to factory settings but this did not help.

Upgrading the firmware to V1_0_1_0 also did not help.

I found a similar problem at where trunk information is lost after reboot. The suggestion is to apply path ES3250A-32_V1_0_1_1.bix.

This patch is not listed on the switch support site

Could someone please help me where do I find this patch ES3250A-32_V1_0_1_1.bix?

PS: We have purchased these switches as refurbished switches so do not have any support service.

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Re: Baseline 3C16476BS resets after reboot

Is there any solution?

please help