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Re: Baseline2948 (R.A.D.I.U.S.)

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Baseline2948 (R.A.D.I.U.S.)


I want to configure 802.1x auth on some ports of my swithes. I have Windows 2003 Server with IAS services, but switch has no reaction about users authentification. I have some dlink swithes and they work fine, i can see logs on server that clients have been authenticated, then i do the same configuration as on dlinks on 3Com and nothing happens. I tried to change many options on server and on switch but clients assign ip addresses without using auth and in logs - nothing!

Can you help me with it!

P.S. Sorry for english!

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Re: Baseline2948 (R.A.D.I.U.S.)

Hi Pawel.

I already implemented this feature, and the settings that I used were:

I had applied the following settings on a 5500G-EI switch:

Global configuration:

domain default enable


dhcp-server 1 ip



dot1x timer supp-timeout 10

dot1x timer reauth-period 60

dot1x authentication-method eap


radius scheme system

radius scheme

server-type standard

primary authentication

accounting optional

key authentication pwd01

user-name-format without-domain


domain brayner

scheme radius-scheme

vlan-assignment-mode string

domain system


Client port setup:

interface GigabitEthernet1/0/10

stp edged-port enable



Make a double check on the IAS server, enabling the RADIUS service, and setting up the policies according your needings.


Fred Mancen