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Basic config of A5500

Tim Gowen

Basic config of A5500

I'm replacing a pair of 24 port Superstack switches with a 48 port A5500. The Superstacks don't have any special configuration enabled: they're just plug and play switches. I'd like the 5500 to be the same until I've replaced all old Superstacks on the network with new HP switches.


There's a fibre module in the new switch with a transceiver which will connect the switch back to a 3Com 4800G which is my core fibre switch for this building.


For this basic configuration it looks like all I need to do is assign the switch an IP address. Is there a default VLAN which is created or will I have to do that too?

Esteemed Contributor

Re: Basic config of A5500

Check out the configuration guides available from HP's web site. They step you through the basics pretty well. Tip: use Google to search for them, not HP's web search.