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Best model for self training

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Best model for self training

I'm planning on setting up a home lab for self study to help prepare myself for the ASE and Master ASE exams for A-series, E-series and wireless


I'm hoping the community here can give me some advice on which models of switches I should obtain for my lab.


I've obtained an (old) 5308xl unit which I think will suffice to cover the "E-Series" side of things but I admit I'm pretty clueless with regards to the "A-Series"/3-Com stuff.


Specifically I'm wanting to know which model(s) offer the most functionality with respect to protocol support as opposed to features of scale (port count, stacking ability etc.)


Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: Best model for self training

HP 5500-HI series: Does all IPv4/IPv6 routing plus MPLS/VPLS


data sheet:

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Re: Best model for self training

I'm not sure about MPLS/VPLS support, but the 5500-EI does most of what the -HI does, and you can pick them up pretty cheaply on eBay now.