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Best option for link failover 5500 HI

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Best option for link failover 5500 HI

I've got 2 mountain top sites with 5500 HI switches on them connected via 2 seperate microwave links all layer 2 no routing or anything. See the linked diagram for a better picture.



For those unfamiliar with ptp microwave links, 2+0 is 2 microwaves aggregated into a single effective link.


What would be the best way to do failover between the 1+0 and the 2+0 links, Would smart link be an effective solution? All of the documentation I see on it is for a multi switch enviroment. Would smart link handle a situation where the switch still saw an ethernet link to the microwave but the microwave connection was down due to weather or another rf effecting event? 


Is smart link overkill? All i really need is fast failover between the two links and for the switches to revert to the 2+0 link when conectivity is restored.

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Re: Best option for link failover 5500 HI


Did you resolve your case?

I have similar, two links connected by different DWDMs and different ISPs.

I have one HP-A 7500 switch at one site and one 5412zl switch (J8698A) other site. Dynamic LACP is not working trough this links.

Links are Metro-Eth, but testing dynamic LACP for redundancy failed. Now think about SmartLink between these two switches, but it seems there is no keepalive mechanism for SmartLink to determine faulty links between two switches that are not directly connected. The best choice would be Eth OAM, but 5412zl switch don't support this protocol.

Any help appreciated! Do you have any experience with SmartLink (Comware or Procurve)?