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Best switch for 88channel IPTV deployment?

Occasional Contributor

Best switch for 88channel IPTV deployment?

I am currently working on a project, it has  13 IPTV streamer modules which is capable of handling 88 channels.

We tried to use a 3com baseline switch but it can only support up to 4 streamers which has 32 channels, even with the QoS set at high for the IPTV ports.

We also tried to use  a 3com 4800G switch. but it still can only accomodate up to 4 streamers, when we try to put the 5th module the channels would pixelate and eventually hang-up.

The IPTV streamer module support says that it is better to use a HP 2910AL for the Head-end.

I am really wondering if the HP 2910AL J9145Amodel is better than the 4800G switch. As far as i know, the 4800G switch is a very capable switch for the application.

Can anyone share any ideas on what switch is ideal for the application and some pointers on how to make the system work with all 13 streamer modules...