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Bidirectional load balancing using HP 6127XLG Blade Switch

Occasional Collector

Bidirectional load balancing using HP 6127XLG Blade Switch

I plan to install a traffic management software on HPE Proliant blades. They are in the middle of the traffic path, (the traffic path being: clients + access network + HPE blades + NAT + Internet).  I need to load balance the traffic with layer-4 flow affinity: all traffic with the same IP addresses and ports will go through the same blade in both directions.

I was thinking to use  HP 6127XLG Blade Switch, which has a flow-sharing functionality.  There seems to be a command to do just that. From page 118 of Layer 3 - IP Services Configuration Guide:

ip load-sharing mode per-flow [ tunnel { inner | outer } | algorithm algorithm-number | [ dest-ip | dest-port | ingress-port | ip-pro | src-ip | src-port ] * ] [ slot slot-number ]


Has anyone used this switch in this scenario?

To keep the affinity on both directions, do I need two switches (one with rules based on destination address/port and the other one with rules based on source address/port)?  or can it be done with one single switch playing with the undocumented algorithm-number?

An finally, how will that work in the event of a blade failure? Will the traffic be distributed to the remaining blades?

Thanks in advance!